Allesun’s photovoltaic modules are designed for large-scale electrical power requirements, with a 25 years warranty, offers high-power and reliable performance for solar projects, both on and off-gr


Solar Cells: high efficiency solar cells ensure high performance of the solar module and create maximum power output. PID FREE.

Front: High-transmission (over 95%)3.2mm tempered glass: Back: TPT or KPF; Encapsulation: EVA.

Aluminum Frame: screw-less corner joints provide superior rigidity, ten predrilled mounting holes ease installation.

Superior Junction Box: Multi function junction box with water proof capabilities.

Under 10% decrease of output power within 10 years and 20% decrease in 25 years. Tolerance: 0~+2%.

High impact resistance affords superior performance during severe weather-high wind, driving rain, heavy snow and hail.

Moisture proof and corrosion–resistant.

Widely used in various electric appliances and instruments in the area, such as grid net,home power system, telecommunications,illumination,transportation


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